Hello, I’m professor Bob” I’m an astrophysicist/futurist, who, over the years, has taught and lectured about the history of the universe. Additionally, I’ve acted as an expert advisor to many SYFY film projects. I’ve also identified many celestial bodies beyond the Milky Way; and, at times, referred to the planet named Itscalar (see the urban dictionary). Additionally, over-the-decades, I’ve had the distinct privilege of connecting with the Itscalarians. They’ve shared their history; and, from behind the scenes, unobtrusively assisted human-kind’s evolution. For the past fifty-plus years, through my journals, I’ve documented my fascinating and enlightened journey to life outside planet earth.

FIRST ENTRY: APRIL 9, 1962…my 15th birthday.

My Grandfather is a retired air force Brigadier General. As far back as I can remember, he told me stories about his experiences with high altitude UFO sightings. He said he had 12,000 plus hours when he piloted the newest and fastest military jets. He told me, “this was a common occurrence to most pilots; and that the information was considered classified and archived.” A lot of the elite pilots, like John Lear, were labeled conspiracy theorists and their UFO sighing leaks were, as grandpa put it, “shit-caned.” On my 12th birthday, grandpa game me a Heathkit SB 101 ham radio. I got my license and he kept adding more and more equipment, so I had a high-powered ham radio station. At first, I became addicted and fascinated with the ability to turn dials and connect to people all over the world. Many were at listening stations; others were at sea, and yet others like me and were connecting and sharing their thoughts and a few regaled me with out-of the-box wild stories, Three months passed since I received my license and I started receiving communications in a strange format.

Coded message received September 13, 1962, at 1:30 at Eastern Standard Time…

-.— -.. …. ..- .- -.-. .- -. / … ..- -. / — — — -. / ..-. . .- – …. . .-.. -.. / … . .-. .–. . -. – / …– .-.-.- .—- ….- .—- ….. —-. ..— -…. ….. …– ….. —-.

Thru grandpa’s military connections and friendships, I was able to get help from senior code breakers.